Saturday, 20 July 2013

Redcurrant delight

   Ive got a bumper crop of Redcurrants this year. The birds have already stared to feast upon them so I decided to start to harvest them before I have non left. The bush looks beautiful laden with red jewels.
   I harvested all these and there is still plenty left on the bush. The problem is trying to think of what to do with them all. Ive still got jars of redcurrant jelly left from last time so I decided to give redcurrant jam a go. It basically just a bit sweeter than redcurrant jelly (and because im not too keen on the seeds in redcurrants then I've turned it into a jelly as well!).
Redcurrant Jam:
1.2kg redcurrants
1kg caster sugar
Put the redcurrants in a pan with 500ml of water. bring to the boil and simmer till the berries are soft and have begun to release their juice.
Strain the redcurrants. ( I do this through a sieve lined with a jay cloth).
Then add the sugar to the juice and let the sugar dissolve. Then bring to a rolling boil. Try the jam test to know when its done.
Then put into sterilise jars. This made three and a half jars of jam for me But they were large jars so it should make about four jars depending on the size.


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