Friday, 13 January 2012

Let the chitting begin

   My first veg job of the year! Now I dont normally start chitting potatoes till Feb but my delivery came early. Im not growing as many potatoes as i did last year on the plot as i never managed to eat them all. I dont grow main crop as it takes up too much space, so I'm sticking to new potatoes. I will still be growing some in my three grow bags in my garden and the extra potatoes i have left will make a small row on my plot. The varieties Ive chosen this year are Rocket, International Kidney and Belle De Fontenay. Ive had to use my trug to chit them in as ive not got enough egg boxes or windowsill space.

    As you can see I've also got shallots in there with them. These are 'Pesandor'. I've never grown shallots before but i thought I'd give them a go this year. I'm quite intrigued to see how they grow little groups of shallots from the original bulb. It said to store them in a light place so I've put them with my potatoes to separate the different varieties so they dont get muddled up.


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Projects for the New Year

   This will be my first full growing season on my plot so i want to take full advantage of that. Theres lots to be done however I can see myself getting carried away and starting lots of things but never actually completing any. Therefore I'm going to try and be organised and name the projects that I want to get done this year. So my projects for 2012 are:

  • Get my new shed. I already know which one i want and the company come and build it for you on your site. the only thing Ive got to do is get the base done for it. Ive already got the paving slabs at my plot (thanks to dad!). All i have to do now is level the ground, lay the slabs and order my shed. my current shed is a spider infested rickety old shack. Its useful for storing my tools but i want somewhere i can shelter in when its raining and relax in and enjoy my plot!

  • Build a compost heap. Ive got a few pallets and I need to turn them into a place where I can make my own compost. Ive just got a darlek for the time being. After listening to Monty Don talk about homegrown compost i don't want to miss out any longer.

  • Clear the brambles. This is a big task! There are currently four rows of overgrown brambles on my plot. The space they are taking up will be valuable growing space. I'm aware though that the roots go far and wide and are going to be an ongoing task to clear them forever.

    These are my main projects for the year. If I get any more of the plot cleared then that will be a bonus. Theres still an elder tree and wild rose to clear and a path to make, but I've got my main priorities now. With the weather being this mild it's a perfect time to get started. What projects have you got lined up for this year?

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

   A new year, a new start, a new growing season! At this time of year the weather might be stopping you from venturing out into the garden or up to the plot (although it has been a lot milder this winter than last!). However when those bleak days arise you can always settle down with a cuppa and start flicking through next seasons seed catalogues. I love looking at all the different varietys of vegetables that there are to grow. I do quite easily get carried away and can find myself circling far too many choices. This year i need to be sensible orelse I will end up with more seeds than I can grow.

 I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a great New Years!