Sunday, 19 June 2011

Blackbirds-1 : Me-0

    The other day my big old redcurrant bush that ive inherited on my plot was dripping in currants. i went away looking for recipes for redcurrant jelly. I was looking forward to it as ive never used redcurrants for cooking before. However the next day when i was going to harvest them the heavens decided to open and it poured it down all day. I was grateful for this though as its been so dry recently, so it saved me watering everything.

    However the next day when the raining had stopped i went to pick my currants. Once i got to the plot i was shocked! The bush had been completely stripped in 24hours. Damn those blackbirds! They must of had a feast- an eat as much as you can buffet! i managed to pick the few stragglers that the birds obviously didnt want.

    And this is my result from my pickings. Just half a jar of red currant jelly. But this will be the best half a jar of redcurrant jelly i will eat! well ive learnt my lesson this year- the currants dont wait around for you to pick them. blackbirds- 1 : me- 0

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Time for the tenders

    Ive finally got my sweetcorn planted out in the plot. its the first time ive grown it and i didnt realise how quick it grows. Next year i'll sow them a few weeks later as they've been patiently sitting in pots that they out grew a while ago. They look like strong plants. I just hope the weather holds out this summer and i actually get a cob. I cant wait to see how sweet they taste straight off the plant. The variety im growing is 'Extra Tender and Sweet F1'.

   Meanwhile at home ive planted my tomatoes. i love growing tomatoes due to the variety that you can grow. This year Im growing 'Ferline', 'Yellow Stuffer', 'Country Taste', 'Pineapple', 'Black Cherry' and 'Gardeners Delight'. I've also done my first bit of companion planted and used french marigolds, they're meant to keep away white fly.

    Over winter i used the tomato pots for onions and garlic. i had never grown these before either. unfortunatly only one of my overwintered onions survived, so early spring i replaced them with some more onion sets. They arent very big but i couldnt wait any longer for my toms to go out.  


    Also just wanted to show you my raspberries. They are 'Polka'. I wasnt sure how well they'd get on in containers, but i read they had swallow roots so i thought i'd give them ago. They were planted last autumn. I harvested my first raspberry today and it was a right gem!