Friday, 30 March 2012

Planting Potatoes


   After a long time chitting it was finally time to get my potatoes into the ground. I planted some in grow bags in the garden and also planted a row up at the plot. This way I can compare the yields of growing them in different ways. Im only growing salad potatoes as main crop take up too much space and are easily available in the shops. All my chitted potatoes had good strong shoots appearing which should help get a successful crop slightly earlier than non-chitted.

    I've also planted Jerusalem Artichokes for the first time this year. I planted them in two short rows at the plot. After seeing Alys Fowler harvest them and turn them into a tasty looking gratin, I've been intrigued to try them. She stated they were a crop that need little attention and provide a bumper crop for little effort. So I look forward to trying them this winter.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Shallots are in

    Ive never grown shallots before, so im very excited to see how they grow. Each bulb is meant to produce several others, i dont know if they split and divide or grow extras. I love shallots thrown whole into stews or finely sliced into salads. I will just need to keep these weed free as they dont like competition. It feels good to be starting to work the ground again and to be able to plant things. The growing season has finally started...

Spring is in the air...

    March 1st was a glorious day to spend at the plot. It really felt like spring had arrived. I was pleased to see that most of my garlic appears to have survived the winter. As it was my first winter on the plot i didnt know how wet the soiled stayed, so i made sure to add some grit to improve drainage. It seems to have payed off as there are loads of tiny green shoots poking up through the ground.

   My brassicas have also survived the winter. The nets put in place have withstood the gale force winds that we had. They have done the job and kept the hungry pigeons off. This is a photo of a white sprouting broccoli. Ive also got brussel sprouts and spring cabbages. I think they went in a bit late but hopefully now the weathers warming up they might take off and get growing.