Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year!

   This is the start to my second full year on the plot. Looking back over the last year I must admit that I didn't spend as much time up there as I wanted to. It was a combination of the awful weather and the daunting task of all the work that needs doing. I inherited my plot and its quite overgrown with pampas grasses, brambles and wild roses and it just seems overwhelming at times. But I'm not letting the same thing happen this year. I just need to get stuck in and crack on with it. And now seems a perfect time while everything is still dormant.

   So after looking at the many seed catalogues my green fingers started itching. I decided to plant my garlic cloves in little pots and put them outside so that they have a chance of getting frosted. ( Normally I would have planted my garlic cloves direct back in November but the ground hasn't been prepared so I'm improvising). It feels good  to know I've got something planted up ready.