Sunday, 24 July 2011

Tiny Sweetcorn ?!

   This is my first year growing sweetcorn. They seemed to get off to a flying start in modules, but ever since ive planted them out they havent been as happy. First they went quite yellow, however a quick feed soon perked them up and they returned to a lush green. My problem with them now is that they seemed to have 'bolted'. My whole block of sweetcorn have got male flowers appearing at the top and if you look closely you can see small cobs appearing. 'Why is that a problem?' I hear you ask. Well, the problem is that they only come up to my knee!

    When i think of sweetcorn i think of fields full of plants that are taller than me (at 5ft 2 thats not hard) not plants that are as high as my knee! I can only put this down to the dry spring and summer so far this year. My plot doesnt have a water supply so they probably haven't had as much water as they would have liked. Does anyone know if this is normal for the flowers to appear while they are so short still? Will they keep gaining height? Even if i end up with small little cobs of sweetcorn i'll still be happy. I cant wait to taste how sweet sweetcorn should really be instead of the bland stuff you buy in the shops.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Harvest Begins

   Ive been harvesting some crops now for the last few weeks. It feels good to finally be able to get some fruit and veg to use.

   The strawberrys in my pots were a few weeks behind the ones at the plot, however they were a lot bigger in size. I had to cover my pots with fleece ( i had no netting) to stop all the birds from pecking at them. 

   Dont the first peas always taste the best. You've waited all year to taste the sweetness and they never dissappoint. Mine never make it back to the kitchen as they are always eaten as i walk round the garden. This was my first ever harvest of mangetout. They arent as sweet as peas but they are miles better than the bland ones you buy from the supermarket. I cant get over how productive they are either.

   I wish i could say the lettuces were mine, but they were given to me by my plot neighbour. however the magetout were mine and so was the blackcurrants, which i turned into jars of blackcurrant jelly.

   I picked the first of the gooseberrys. Ive never used them before but now that ive got three big bushes on my plot, i need to collect a few recipes for them.  This first batch got turned into chutney.