Monday, 24 September 2012

Sweet success

   I've harvested my first cob of sweetcorn today. The plants aren't very tall but all have a nice little cob sitting there waiting to be picked. I didn't have very much success with sweetcorn last year but this year has been a vast improvement. Ive heard other people say that nothing you buy can compare to the sweetness of homegrown sweetcorn and i have to agree. Perfect freshly boiled and then smothered in butter- delish! (My dog seemed impressed with my sweetcorn as well!) 

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Elephant garlic

   I finally harvested my elephant garlic. i didnt know what to expect as i had read mixed reviews about its success. The thing with garlic is that you dont know how well its done untill you dig it up. I have to say that i was pleased with my elephant garlic. Theyve formed large bulbs seperated into cloves. They might not be the biggest but they are bigger than my hang so they seem pretty big to me! Now all thats left to do is to slowly roast one so i know how they taste. Cant wait!

The harvest begins

   After the poor weather this summer i thought this year was going to be a complete disaster. However some crops have managed to recover and have started giving out produce.

   My courgettes took a battering from the slugs but now they've come back fighting. I love courgettes, they are so productive and you can do so much with the crop.
   My second sowing of peas have now begun to make plump pods. This is a pea that ive tried for the first time called 'Desiree'. As pretty as it is the pea actually tastes quite earthy and not very sweet so i wont be growing these again.
   My autumn raspberries are now pumping out lovely ripe fruit, along with my blueberrys and a second flush of strawberrys.
   Im even getting a harvest of cut flowers every week. I only sowed a few sweetpea seeds but they are producing loads of flowers providing me with a vase full every week.