Friday, 6 September 2013

Back from holiday

   I returned from holiday to find a bumper crop waiting for me at the plot. All my purple French beans had matured, so I picked them to encourage more to grow. My first peas were ready for picking. I had given up any hope of getting a harvest of peas as most of my plants had only got about 3 inches tall and then given up, but amazingly they have had a growth spurt and freshly picked peas are one of the best things from the plot. Needless to say most of them got scoffed there and then. My courgettes had gone mad and made two of the biggest marrows I've ever seen! Not quite sure what to do with the monsters.

   To my delight my cherry tomatoes at the plot have finally started to ripen. They look like little jewels. Im very pleased with them. The 'Sungold' and 'Sweet baby' plants have produced a bumper crop. Now all I'm waiting for are my main tomato plants to ripen at home. They are still green. I just need the first one to start to turn red and then the rest tend to follow.

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